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Allowing you to focus on your organization’s mission

Beyond core accounting work, our firm offers extended value as an accounting service provider for churches and religious organizations. We truly understand the challenges that churches and religious organization entities face and provide you with industry-specific business expertise required to overcome these obstacles and improve your financial condition.

We will act as your accounting department, so you and your staff are free from the hassles of many complex and time-intensive accounting tasks—allowing you to spend more time focusing on the organization’s mission statement. Consider all that we can do for you:

  • Process vendor bills efficiently. Because all processing is provided by us after your approval of each bill, we can quickly and efficiently pay your vendor bills.

  • Process payroll. You can conveniently provide your payroll data via upload or email for processing. Once processed, we return paychecks and direct deposit remittances

  • Create detailed statements and reports to keep you updated on your financial status. We can offer you a current view of your financial health throughout the year by providing monthly, quarterly, or annual financial and contribution statements.

  • Segregate your bookkeeping activity. To ensure the proper checks and balances, it’s a good idea to separate accounting activity from the business’ day-to-day operations. We become your remote accounting department—ensuring that the proper controls are in place and the integrity of your accounting process is maintained. 

You are passionate in your non-profit organization's cause—and you need an accounting firm that not only shares your passion for your core mission, but also understands the nuances and complexities of accounting for churches and religious organizations. We are that firm—and we look forward to serving your cause.

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